Junior Creative, Designer & Researcher



A JD at Media.Monks. (21)


A JD at TBWA Media Arts Lab. (20/21)
1/8 Advisory Board Member at MAL. (21)

UWTSD Graphic Design Student (17/20)

Presenting Patrick Edem Glavee

Hello! I’m Patrick and I am a first class graduate of a B.A. (Hons) Graphic Design course at UWTSD. (2020)
Currently working as a junior designer for TBWAMedia Arts Lab in the London office. (2021)

What a time to graduate... am I right?

My work can be described as ‘abstract but functional’ and I am interested in providing answers that evoke emotion, warrants a reaction and solves problems, while still remaining highly functional.


The Adobe Creative Suite, Webflow, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Skills, Negotiation, Conversation, Conceptualisation, Ideation, Creative Thinking, Leadership.

A word from one of my mentors

“Patrick Edem Glavee, the Irish-Ghanaian native is an astute and investigative designer. Curiosity informs his work. With a ‘constantly developing’ nature, He always works to let his projects have a refreshing look, feeling and style. Creating through digital and print, there is not a medium he shows no interest.

Patrick has been involved in a wide variety of projects throughout Swansea, seizing every opportunity that comes his way. His entrepreneurial spirit follows him everywhere he goes, as he works to get the most exposure to culture, ideas and creativity. This exposure is translated in his work, his abstract but functional style, creates stunning pieces and zero fluff.”
- Mentor

I am 21, since the 17th of April.
Based in London.

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The Baking Company
That Understands

The ‘Gluten Free Baking Company’

Brief: Identity & Package Design
Client: Gluten-Free Baking Company
Format: Digital with print elements
Agency: Freelance

The new ‘gluten free baking company’ branding aims to be a modern take on the idea of elegance and class. The colours allow for a positive and fun appeal, while keeping the design balanced.

The icon consists of the deconstructed and simplified shapes/layers that make up a cake or cupcake. The deconstruction allows the shapes to be reconstructed and resized into a variation of different positions to represent different shapes and styles of cake.
‘Blue’ was selected to coincide with the brands original identity, with ‘pink’ and ‘orange’ selected for their visual balance and association to cake, as some of the most popular colours found on and in cakes.

The rectangles that make up the icon, intersect at the corners. This intersection ties the shapes together, while the angled positioning of the shapes, creates the hand-crafted and home-made appeal, that we strive to present at the core of the ‘gluten free’ identity.

The text, custom edited and arranged, was developed from the font ‘Bely’. ‘Bely’ perfectly matched the atmosphere we wanted around the branding, while still falling in line with the classic & elegant style found in the ‘Fortnum & Mason’ stock.

The branding establishes a high-quality, approachable and modern direction for the ‘gluten free baking company’.

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The Agency
Doing it Different

‘Silas Digital’

Brief: Identity
Client: Silas Digital (Agency)
Format: Digital with print elements
Agency: Freelance

Silas Digital, a fledgling digital marketing and advertising agency. The branding was created with creativity and innovation in mind.

The goal wasn’t just to create an identity, but to create a presence, a feeling, something memorable. With the curt tagline ‘something different’, the brand brings a confident presence.

The encircled ’s’ acts as the brands own superman emblem, however I have to admit, that was not the inspiration behind the ’s’. We strayed away from the norm of just abbreviating the business name, instead we wanted to future proof the design, and increase brand memorability, by emphasising the name ‘SILAS’.

The design is simple, and is exactly what you see. Every element has been selected to serve their specific purpose of crafting the tone for the agency.

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Maybe You Should
Bin It?

‘Bin It!’

Brief: Environment Conscience
Client: Creative Conscience (Competition)
Format: Digital with print elements
Agency: Freelance

Dr. David Halpern, the Chief Executive of the Behavioural Insights Team (The Nudge Unit), their work and his book Inside the Nudge Unit, is the inspiration behind this idea and proposition.

The goal is to encourage and increase the use of public bins around the city, through subliminal and subdued psychological messaging and design.

I propose this sign be attached to selective posts (lamp poles, traffic lights etc.) throughout the city.

The idea, is to rework the standard “You are Here” street map, commonplace in large cities, with the simple addition of the average steps required to reach the nearest bin, time taken to do so and bin types (general waste, paper etc.)

This campaign aims to assist the public in locating bins while making them think twice about discarding litter anywhere they please.

Signs can also be created as temporary signposts to be placed during events or large public gatherings, where ground litter is likely to become rampant.

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